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Designed specifically for K-12, our campus wide network based solution fully integrates the control of many key campus technologies including PA/Intercom, bells, security cameras, energy management (PC’s, Projectors, Lighting, and HVAC options), classroom technology control, classroom audio, streaming video broadcast, digital signage and emergency alerts. Through an intuitive graphical interface, schools can easily manage multiple technologies from one panel, networked computers, iPad or Android Tablet.
  • Head End – located in the Administration Area
    • 12" Touch Panel User Interface with a graphic based management system based on a customized map of your school
    • Audio and Video Encoders
    • AMX Central Controllers
    • Digital Signage Players
  • In the Classroom
    • Primary User Interface choice of:
      • An 8 Button keypad
      • A small (4.3") touch panel which allows you to add buttons as the technology changes over time
      • A Cisco Phone interface that is compatible with Cisco phone models 7965G and 7975G
  • 2x2 Ceiling Enclosure
  • Audio & Video Decoders
  • AVX-400 Enova Twisted Pair Presentation Switcher
  • Wall Input Plates (Choose From Component, Composite, VGA or HDMI – up to three per room)
  • AMX SchoolView PC / MAC based management solution for classroom volume and push to talk (in Two Way Intercom is used) – provided Free of charge!
  • Two Way – for schools looking to upgrade to a direct two way intercom to each location, default system comes as an One-Way PA System only.
  • HVAC Control
  • Lighting Control using Clear Connect™ System
  • Audio Enhancement with SAFE System
  • RMS Enterprise for energy reporting *
*RMS Enterprise is available for free through the AMX Innovation Grant. For details visit:
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